Water Bank™ Toilet Dam

Water Bank™ Toilet Dam
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100 Units/Case




The Water Bank™ Toilet Dam is a safe, economical and ecologically sound water saving product. Its patented double seal design enables a non-slip maintenance free, friction fit seal inside your toilet tank. Reduces water waste up to 30% per each flush. Water Bank™ Toilet Dam as the name implies, dams water in the tank, preventing about one gallon of water per flush from leaving the tank without loss of head pressure. With the average person flushing a minimum of six times per day, water savings add up. Now you can invest your dollars in your toilet rather than flushing them down it. The Water Bank™ Toilet Dam delivers savings you can bank on and a great return on a minimal investment. Service Concepts specializes in water conservation, and water efficient products, kits and programs that work.