Aluminum Foil Tape

Aluminum Foil Tape
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2" x 150' - 1521CW [24/cs]
3" x 150' - 1521CW1.5 [16/cs]


Our Aluminum Foil Tape is a special 1.5 mil (38 µ) high strength aluminum foil tape with a higher tack, and a special C.W. cold weather acrylic adhesive system. The unique Aluminum Foil Tape formulation combines extremely high quick stick at normal temperatures with superior performance at low temperatures and high humidity. Primary use of our Aluminum Foil Tape: The thinner material allows for superior conformability in vapor sealing of fiberglass ductboard and FSK systems. Aluminum Foil Tape is also a great weatherization product - an excellent tool to add to your energy conservation strategies.