KC600 Aluminum Weatherstripping

KC600 Aluminum Weatherstripping
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  • KC600 Aluminum Weatherstripping
25 Units/Case


80" / Gray - KC600-G
84" / Gray - KC600G-84"
96" / Gray - KC600G-96"
84" / Brown - KC600-B
84" / White - KC600W-84"


An Aluminum WeatherStrip Weatherization Product - KC600 Aluminum Weatherstripping is an outstanding energy saving device and includes: one 36" top and two 80", 84" or 96" sides. KC600 Aluminum Weatherstripping is available in gray, brown or white
Preferred by professionals and consumers alike, the KC600 aluminum Weatherstripping is our finest and most popular selling door weatherstripping. The medium-duty extruded aluminum carrier has notched aluminum tops for accurate and trouble-free installation. The gasket tops are bevel-cut at the factory for better fit. The Thermo Plastic Rubber sealing gasket has excellent compression set resistance and the ability to consistently spring back into shape - resulting in significant energy conservation. This feature combined with the ability to seal gaps up to ¾” make the KC600 aluminum Weatherstripping ideal for all door types no matter how warped or inconsistent. Additional features include: a unique back seal which eliminates the need for caulking, gaskets that remain pliable in subzero temperatures (-40°F), and a seven year limited warranty. Comes individually packaged with installation instructions and screws.