Windjammer Foam Weatherstripping

Windjammer Foam Weatherstripping
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  • Windjammer Foam Weatherstripping
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7/8" Narrow / Brown - DS060N-B [15/cs]
7/8" Narrow / White - DS060N-W [15/cs]
1-3/8" Wide / Brown - DS060W-B [12/cs]
1-3/8" Wide / White - DS060W-W [12/cs]


The Windjammer Foam Weatherstrips sealing gasket retains its original shape year after year, providing an excellent door weather seal on both large and small gaps alike and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Remains pliable from -40°F and meets ASTM, BSI, DIN and ISO standards .The door weather seal doorstop is an easy to cut cellular Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which has become widely accepted as a substitute for wood, due to its superior performance characteristics: won't absorb water, rot, warp, or splinter which means less waste, long life. The tops are pre-cut for uniform fit, efficient installation and superior air sealing. Comes ready to install, and can be painted. The Windjammer Foam Weatherstripping is preferred by installers and inspectors in a nationwide survey. Nail up installation, no screws needed. Nails are not included.


  • 84" sides, 36" top
  • Remains pliable for -40°F